Trendnet TEW-633GR issues

I keep having connectivity issues. Loss or degredation of wireless and wired signals.

My current setup is i have a Cable connection from optimum online. The cable "modem" is a mototrola surfboard 4200 which is connected via Ethernet to the WAN port on the Trendnet TEW-633GR which I have a netgear gs605 v2 Gb switch.

I have the router on N only and all laptop devices connected see a fluxating signal. The other devices connected to the Gb switch share the same symptoms. These devices are a Xbox 360, PS3 and desktop.

Ive read somewhere that the router was desgined for DSL type connections and was not necessarily intended for use on cable data connections. What Im looking for is a replacement N router that has GB ports on it. Something stable and somthing that possibly supports DD-WRT.

PLease help.
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  1. If it works at all, it probably isn't an issue with the router. Are you sure it isn't just a wireless prob -- or is it also on wired ?

    Do all the devices you are connecting support N wireless ?

    You might switching to G and try changing channels -- the different frequencies work better or worse depending on environs. If you can detect other wifi networks, choose one at least 5 stops from the strongest neighbour.

    As far as replacing it is concerned there are literally dozens of N wireless routers -- as I see it you could safely choose a no-name brand which probably work as well as the big brands because they all use a pool of chipset makers. The big brands may offer better customer support, though.
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