AMD Phenom 9600+ (Quad Core) what is GHz speed?

Hey guys, I'm about to buy this new PC with an AMD Phenom 9600+ (Quad Core) AMD2 + 4MB Cache CPU and I wanted to know how that translates into processor speed? Last time I bought an alienware laptop and really got screwed on processor speed because I didnt know what it was and don't want to make the same msitake twice.

I want to be able to play top of the line games and run them smoothly for the next year or two. Will this processor be able to do that? Thanks for the help
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  1. It runs at 2.3ghz stock. If it's the Black Edition, it can overclock to roughly 2.6-2.7ghz by increasing it's multiplier. But if your looking for a gaming cpu and something that is future proof, go with a Phenom II.

    Now, if its only for a year, it will probably serve you fine, if you are able to overclock it.
  2. Cool thanks a bunch, but just 1 quick question. With the Phenom II, 920+ or 940+? Is it that much of a difference because one is like 50 bucks an the other is 90
  3. Just clock speed. Get the 920 and overclock it.
  4. The 940BE has an unlocked multiplier and is easier to overclock. To overclock the 920 you have to increase the FSB which also means adjusting your RAM settings. Generally the 920 won't reach the same speeds as the 940 (the 940 is higher binned after all), but if you're only going to do a mild overclock then that shouldn't be too much of a concern.
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