4870X2 CrossFire Performance?

Hey all hope u are fine :)
Does any one have any links that show the benchmarks of 2 HD 4870X2(2GB) in CrossFire? i google alot and i found some few benchmarks but they were using old drivers like 8.9/8.8 i want benchs with new drivers like 8.12 or up.

Also if anyone has a system with these 2 cards can he/she provide some benchmarks ?


BTW,i never post asking for benchmarks but this time i didnt find anything in google :D
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  1. lol did u even read my post :)
    I said i need the benchmark comparing 2 HD 4870X2s in CrossFire,i have seen that chart before :)
  2. I have two HD 4870X2s.. do you want the benchmarks with 3d mark..

    I'm using 8.6 driver in Windows Seven RC..

    the OS subscore is really low: 6.3 out of 7.9 even with the crossfire..
  3. If u can provide your FPS in games + the resolution u play.
    Also can u post your results in XP/VISTA too ?
    thanks :)
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