NVidia 780i, SSD, & Disappearing HDD (am I screwed?)

I recently replaced my 320gb boot drive with an Intel SSD using the Intel migration tool. The system worked fine except the nVidia drivers don't support TRIM. So I tried the Intel SSD Toolbox which is supposed to manually send the TRIM command to the SSD. The tool box can see the SSD but all of the tools are greyed out.

I did some reading and found some had success with this configuration by switching from the nVidia IDE/ATA drivers to the default Windows drivers. I did this and voila, the SSD Toolbox works and sends the TRIM command. But now I have a new problem.

Whenever the system recovers from sleep, my secondary HDD is missing. It doesn't show up in Disk Manager and rescanning the disks does not find it. The only way to get the HDD back is to reboot. The BIOS never has an issue seeing the disk and neither does Windows after boot. Only after sleep.

Am I stuck choosing between a disappearing HDD and an SSD that will eventually fill w/ junk?

Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
XFX 780i mobo
Intel 160gb SSD (g2)
Seagate 500gb HDD
all drivers are current
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  1. No help out thereon this?
  2. Brett4u6 said:
    No help out thereon this?

    Did you ever solve this? I have the same Mobo and wanted to upgrade it to an SSD.
  3. xdreduardx said:
    Did you ever solve this? I have the same Mobo and wanted to upgrade it to an SSD.

    Yes I did. Unfortunately is took an install from scratch with just the SSD installed, then later added the secondary HDD. I use the Windows Easy Migration tool to get all my files back up to the way I had it originally.

    Then I replaced the Nvidia Serial ATA controller for the Windows Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controller in device manager. Then use Intel's SSD Toolbox (free download) to schedule a weekly TRIM command run. This only works on an Intel SSD.
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