SSD for My x201 - Advice?

I am replacing my current HHD in my Lenovo x201 with a SSD. I've narrowed it down to either the 256GB Crucial RealSSD C300 2.5-inch for around $500 or the earlier M225 series for around $100-$125 less. Both support TRIM but I may need to reflash the firmware on the M225. Is the C300 worth the additional $s? Are there are others I should be considering.
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  1. If you must buy an ssd now, buy the crucial realssd (although I don't think lenovo has sata 6gbs support yet). Or buy an sandforce based ssd (ie OCZ vertex/agility II, corsair f series, gskill pheonix pro, etc.) Or buy an intel g2 drive. (I still like the intel for laptops as it has the best performance to power use ratio and still competes with sandforce in most everything except sequential writes).

    HOWEVER, intel G3 drives are coming in q1 2011 as are sandforce 2000 series controllers. They both should exploit 25nm nand which should bring down the price/gb of ssds whilst moderately improving performance. Also the g3 drives will be much safer in terms of ecc on writes and safer writes when the power goes out (or your battery dies).

    Sorry for all the parenthesis.. [(hope you can read between the lines)]
  2. Thanks adampower for the quick reply. What is the downside if my Lenovo isn't yet supporting sata 6gbs. Will it still work but not to full capacity? The x201 is running a i7 620m with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. For among other reasons I picked the realssd for the capacity, the intel only does 160gb.
    Thanks for the input.
  3. No downside imho. The crucial real ssd can push the new sata 3 (6gbs). And, more importantly it has proven that it requires the bandwidth in order to reach it's max potential. If, however, you do not have the capability than any other sandforce based drive will perform similarily. Ocz vertex II, corsair f series, gskill pheonix pro, etc.

    The intel is simply not the best drive any more. It can compete admirably but the sandforce controller wins. Also, power consumption is so close that I can only see the difference in specs. Price compare the drives and pay close attention to the form factor. There are a number of 3.5" ssds now and they simply won't fit. Your laptop rocks. Add an ssd and you can push most desktops around. Batteries should last long time.
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