Is the GMA 4500M any good for games?

Hi is Intel GMA 4500M good for gaming GTA-SA,IGI-2,Prince of persia - ghost of past,Delta force etc. What games can it play?
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  1. kavinkarthi said:
    Hi is Intel GMA 4500M good for gaming GTA-SA,IGI-2,Prince of persia - ghost of past,Delta force etc.

    Hi, im new to tomshardware so have some patient... if im not mistaken onboard is not good for gaming...are looking at a laptop? if so go with a dedicated card
  2. You are correct UberGenocide,
    The 4500 series is ok for multimedia stuff and light and i mean light gaming but dedicated graphics are a must for the games listed.

    @ kavinkarthi
    This should give you an idea of relative performance

  3. Intel GMA of any kind can't do much more than solitaire.
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  5. I can actually play games from 2003 or earlier (ie. Homeworld 2, Morrowind, etc)
    just fine on integrated graphics on my laptop...low settings, of course
  6. See this link for some poor benchmarks; note a section of the benchmarks were done with a pre-production version where was slightly lower:
  7. Intel GMA is horrible for any gaming purposes. I had a laptop with an Intel GMA 4500 in it and it was having a very hard time playing Command & Conquer (basically unplayable) at low graphic settings.

    Any integrated graphics is a no go for gaming, especially Intel GMA. Look for the word "Discrete" with reference to laptop graphics before you even consider gaming.
  8. anything by intel (ie graphics) is absolute rubbish! sucks at gaming and even HD playback. You are way better off with even with a low end ATI or nvidia card.
  9. Well saumitragangwar is correct!
    Yup! You can play games like COD5,Crysis etc on it!
    "It" here means : Someone else's computer! Not yours with GMA4500 on it!
  10. I tell you what, I have lost count of the times i have been stood in the Game store browsing the isles when someone has approached an assistant to ask why they cant play the game they purchased last week, or will this play on my laptop. When they ask why it wont play they get told "well you should have checked the system specs, its down to you, its your fault, sorry no refund". When they ask the laptop question and always always get told yes i tend to walk over and ask how good these alienware laptops are these days. Que looks of confusion from both parties. Then i say " Well it must be a highend laptop if you plan to play that on it" and gently take the game from them, yurn it over and point to where the very very small writing at the bottom says quite clearly that they have no chance in hell of running the game on a laptop or IGP.

    Plenty of people will tell you these things can game but they cant. Not properly Sims 3 yes COD no.

  11. Intel gma 4500 is good for some games .a play on it.a have dual core 2.9ghz, 2gb ram 800mhz.and a played a lotr2 on hidh med settings, gta san andreas, cod4 on low settings all,cod2 with 70fps on med hidh settings.Mount&blade with hidh settings.Battlefild 2 with hidh med settings.with 40fps.its good garfic.But you must to have strong procesor.
  12. the intel gma 4500 will be able to play most games, with a few exceptions(crysis). The Intel GMA supports DX10 and OpenGL 2.1. This wil be able to handle most games that do not require any special technologies that are or would be provided by companies such as ATI or nVidia. If you can bear low graphics settings and 1 year+ old games then yes you should be able to play most games on it.
  13. Onboard graphics cards cannot play games. Maybe some HD but not gaming. you need a graphics card that's a 230gt or better with gddr3 memory or better.

    kavinkarthi said:
    Hi is Intel GMA 4500M good for gaming GTA-SA,IGI-2,Prince of persia - ghost of past,Delta force etc. What games can it play?
  14. I just bought a laptop with GMA 4500. The GMA 4500 on my Compaq Presario is better than the weaker GMA 3100 on my Dell that I bought December 2009. ....somebody said "one year old games." My gaming is microsoft flight simulator. MFS 2004 came out in 2003; MFS-X came out in 2005. They were not designed to compete with the cutting edge graphics of todays hardware and software. True, miscrosoft flight sim is slowed down or requires reduced settings on a weak non-gaming PC. But My dell has vista; that might have also slowed me down. my compaq has 2.2 gh processor. thats better than the 2.0 duo-core processor. Microsoft flight Simulator has detailed airplane cockpits, and terrain which is programmed per actual navigation charts. The airplane handling and the geographic terrain are primary criteria to users of the software. resolution and detail of scenery are secondary. I bought a second computer. I bought a compaq presario. my compaq with the 4500 gives a better performance than my dell with the gma 3100; I can run the flight simulator at medium or higher settings with reduced frame-rate settings, for decent performance. you can set frame-rate prefererences to close to 100, yet flight sim users will tell you that between 20 to 30 frames per second is good enough for decent enjoyment of the software; the flight simulation stuff might be the only complicated gaming software where comprises on texturing and resolution can be made, and still provide an enjoyable experience. Its a lot of trial and error. I bought manhattan add-on scenery, and I have to reduce most settings to be able to max my add-on scenery. If I max all settings, I can still get a smooth airplane or helicopter flight, but some of my landmark buildings on the ground flicker in and out. listen, who's complaining that games wont run on their PC? Kids? Teens? college students? cause mom and dad bought them the computer to help with school, but they didnt want to spend big money for top of the line gaming equipment. retailers are to blame. dell and hp discontinue models, and they dont take the discontinued stuff back from the retailer. The retailer keeps the discontinued out of date models in stock. and theres the whim of goofballs like me who insist on buying laptops, when there are very affordable low-priced desktops with high end components.
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