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I have an older model(six years old)HP Pavilion 514x PC that has some bulging resistors (or capaciitors - I'm not certain which ones they are) on the motherboard from which a brown liquid has been leaking. I have already scraped some of this hardened brown substance from 5 of these cylindrically-shaped components that are located in a cluster between the cpu and the rear motherboard connectors.
My questions are: a)What exactly is the function of these resistors,
or capacitors, and how do they relate to the working of the motherboard? b) What is the effect of the deterioration of these components on the motherboard as far as its performance and/or normal function? The PC is currently booting up and shutting down after 10 to 15 minutes, and although I suspect the power supply to be the main source of the problem, I also am inclined to think that these smaller degrading components have something negative to do with this aging PC and it's long term life prospects. Although I can get replacement parts, I am trying to determine whether its worth fixing or dumping it. Thank you for your helpful suggestions.
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  1. Capacitors are important to the motherboard, very very important, they provide power to the cpu... its quite complex and it isn't really necessary to know, if you really want to know, take a course in college which i am going to take in a month... the ones that are leaking are not resistors, resistors are the smaller ones and have colored ribbons on them. Capacitors eventually wear out and pretty much kill the motherboard and it is far easier to buy a new motherboard then go through a hassle to replace them, plus you are risking damaging something in the process or doing it wrong and setting it all on fire. In early 2000's there was a case where a company used the wrong liquid formula for the capacitors and that also increased their degradation. An apple at my school had that problem and we tried to fix it... its just not worth it.
  2. Hello, we have all the tooling neede to repair motherboards properly and at an affordable price. To repair a motherboard with bad capacitors we charge $45 plus the caps. We usually send them back the next day.

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