External Hard Drive PCB Swap

I had my back up hard drive crash. After many quotes on document recovery ranging from $2,500-$6,500 we got desperate. We looked into other options 1st. Stumbled onto a video about how to swap the PCB on the external with a new PCB that has been matched exactly. The company is PCB Solutions. http://www.onepcbsolution.com/info.html

The board was $29.99 and the next day shipping was $30. For $62.00, it was worth the attempt. To remove the board you need a special T-9 screw driver which PCB Solutions sent to me with my new PCB. This worked perfectly for me! I saved all of the documents and saved up to $6,500. Go check them out!!!

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  1. Unless you've done something fairly drastic like breaking the SATA connector, somehow shorting out the power connector or static-zapping the drive, the PCB isn't all that likely to be the cause of a hard drive problem.

    I don't mean to be the untrusting type, but I gotta suspect the motivation of someone's very first post being a plug for a product.
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