Help with wife's temporary WoW'ing comp

Building my wife a computer to hold her over for WoW and whatnot until we can afford to build her one like mine. At the moment this is the list of parts I have

Case: CM 690 Nvidia Edition
CPU: Intel E5200
RAM: G.Skill 2GB

We have a crappy sparkle PSU that I plan on replacing with a Corsair 400W next week. Also have a 80GB HDD that we're going to replace with a WD Caviar Black 500GB. The video card we have is an ATI Radeon X700, but I plan on buying whatever the best is that can run on 400W soon as well. Nvidia 7600 or 7900? I think those are capable of running on 400W and whatnot. In regards to the heatsink, I don't know when/if I'll buy a new one, but if there are any ideas in case I do that'll be nice.

If anyone has any pointers, that'd be great. Oh, yeah. It'll be running XP. Thanks in advance.
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  1. For a decent budget graphic card i'd look at either the 9600Gt or the HD4830 $70-$73 after rebates. Both would be fine with the Corsair 400w

    For heatsink/fan i'd go with the HDT-1283, it gets good marks on cooling and quiet when turned to lower settings, very good marks on cooling when turned to high fan speed. I hate push pin mounting, but for a budget system i probably wouldn't get the bracket.
  2. the 7600 /7900 are so old you are much better buying a 4670 or 4830 .

    Other than that I think you are on the right path for a decent budget pc
  3. Out of the 3 video cards listed, which would be the best bet? Like I said... the most she really does that requires something decent would be WoW. She likes playing on max settings, etc etc. And, also, would ALL of those video cards be alright with a Corsair 400W PSU?

    Also, which to get? 512MB or 1GB?
  4. Go for a 512mb 4830, that is probably the best performance/buck ratio
  5. Browsing around Newegg brought this

    Thermaltake 550W PSU:

    Would that be a better option to ensure that I can use the graphics card, or a better one in general?

    Or should I stick with the

    Corsair 400W:
  6. Also... how well will the processor be able to be OC'd? With only 2GB RAM, and the PSU being 400 Watts assuming I go with the Corsair. I don't know how far I'll be able to push it and keep it within limits without frying anything. Any pointers on that?
  7. If you really think you will want to try OC'ing, I'd get a different mobo...I was recently burned by that one you are looking at, currently going through the RMA process :/

    Look at this one: GA-EP43-DS3LR

    And I would probably look at this PSU: OCZ StealthXStream OCZ500SXS 500W
  8. The Corsair 400w would be fine for the HD4830, but it never hurts to go a bit higher in power with a PSU, they run cooler and usually more efficiently at about 50% of rated capacity. This OCZ 550w is $50 after a $25 rebate.

    The HD4830/E5200 should give your wife 60FPS in most areas with vsync on, dropping to mid 30s-40s in Dalaran and usually mid 50s in Naxx25/Ulduar25. That's with "custom" settings, most tabs on high with full screen glow turned down and shader effects turned down at 1440X900.
  9. How about this for a PSU, after rebate it's $74.74.

    Or would the OCZ 550 be more than enough for what she needs? Also -- would the Corsair 650W be enough to power a GTX 285 (or a video card around there), an i7 processor, 6GB RAm, etc?
  10. Yes the 650tx would be able to handle that i7 if you wanted to, so if you plan on reusing it when you build your wife's sytem you should plan around the power requirements of that system instead. However for what she needs right now, any of the suggested PSU's would be enough.
  11. Hm, alright. I'm not trying to spend too much here, just enough to where it'll work fine. The 650TX wouldn't be bad as for being able to put it in her new build whenever we get around to it, but I'll probably go with new parts all around. If I'm going to spend $70-100 that's probably the one I'll get. Unless there are any other ideas for a cheaper one that's around $50 that will run the whole system without any flaws. Thanks.
  12. This PSU is also pretty good, and would do fine in an i7 system as well. The Corsair is just slightly better though:
  13. Had a question about Rosewill, because there are some nice rebates and whatnot on Newegg. However, all reviews I can find on the net say to stay away from them. You linked a 600W OCZ, what about this one.

    It's $89.99 and $69.99 after rebate.

    So I think I'm going to go with that one. Here's a list of what I have in my Newegg shopping cart right now.

    WD Caviar Black 640GB:
    OCZ Stealthstream 700W:
    Zalman Heatsink:

    That'll put the computer at, with the listed parts

    Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L (already this bought or I would've went with your other suggestion thekid)
    2GB G.Skill DDR2 RAM
    Windows XP
    CM 690 Nvidia Edition

    And the video card is going to have to be an ATI Radeon X700 for now, because we have one on hand. It'll be upgraded with a 4830 or something around that range in the near future.

    How's this sound so far?
  14. Sounds like a good setup, definitely stay away from Rosewill PSU's. That PSU you are looking at would probably handle 4850's in xfire if you were to get the urge in the future, possibly 4870's.
  15. The only thing I have left to worry about is the video card. The 4830 the best bet for price/performance?
  16. Well the new 4770 puts on a good show as well, THG did a review of the card and it was pretty impressive, you can get a saphire one for $100, and in some titles it competes with the 4850.
  17. Well it was until this morning, now the HD4770 is looking like the one to get. At $100 after $10 rebate, low power consumption, performance close to the HD4850 512GB /GTS250 512GB , fairly quiet and runs pretty cool (with the retail version on sale) I'd recommend it now instead of the HD4830. Frankly i'd spend the extra $10 (no rebate) for the XFX version and the double lifetime warranty. In fact i'm doing that myself.
  18. Anyone know of any guides/helpful hints for overclocking the E5200 on the Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L?
  19. Read the newegg reviews on the Motherboard, search overclocking E5200
  20. Well, a quick update. Nothing messed with, no overclocking. Just with the listed parts and the X700 Video Card she's pretty content with it. It runs WoW at 40-70 FPS which is much better than the previous 4-15. :P I don't know if she'll benefit any from overclocking or not, so I'll put that off until I do some more research on it. Thanks guys.
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