How can I get folder address bar back?

I like to get back bar, where when in a folder or sub-folder of c:/program files/Best Thingy Ever/Best Thingy.exe (for example) it will SHOW that present location in the bar. Did it not have something to do with f11 key?

Also, how can one see files in a folder that have back slash "\" like ie. content that are not ususally viewable?

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  1. I can only guess you are talking about Windows Explorer since you did not state the application of interest to you.

    Open Windows Explorer
    Click the "View" menu item at top of window
    Click "Toolbars"
    Click "Address bar" (A check-mark will appear on the leading left side of the item)

    That's it.

    Your second question makes no sense at all to me. :(
    If you are talking about hidden or super-hidden or forbidden, those need a settings change or registry change.
    Restate it in a way someone other than you will understand.
  2. For the second question. Tell it not to hide hidden system files.It's a permissions tag, not any backslash
  3. While Windows Explorer is open, click...

    Tools>Folder Options>View>Show Hidden files and folders (and) un-tick Hide protected operating system files

    Click ok.

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