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I'm in a bit of trouble, I recently upgraded to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.1ghz, 3gb DDR2 ram @ 667mhz and a Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2 motherboard. (I still kept my graphics card, 8600gt). I used to have some Foxconn Motherboard, Pentium D 2.8ghz and 1.5gb ram @ 667mhz.

I used to play games like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Battlefield 2 on my old pc, both of which ran very well on high settings.
I then tried them on my new rig and it wasn't good, it seems they run worse than they did on my older computer on the same/lower settings.

I've reformatted my whole PC, and still no improvement, defragmented my Hard Drive, all that stuff but nothing's happened...

I've got 2 theories, one is that my graphics card is just getting old and under-performing, and/or getting too hot, my other is that my PSU isn't powerful enough. I've heard that an insufficient PSU can cause crashes and total hardware failures but not under-performance from components.
The PSU i was and STILL AM using is 300w, which i know is scraping off the bare minimum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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  1. Did you install the chipset drivers for the new computer as soon as your operating system was installed?
  2. Yes, I installed them off the Gigabyte Utility CD that came with the Mobo, should I try and find newer versions online, perhaps?
  3. Could be an issue with the PSU as well, as 300 watt is not very much...
  4. Hmm...

    I was thinking about buying a 600w PSU soon, i'm sure that's more than enough power, right??
  5. 600w is pretty good but remember that quality is much better than quantity.
  6. Hmm...

    Not trying to deviate from the subject, but just so I know if this is ok, I think i've found a good PSU, can't seem to find any negative reviews and it's cheap.

    I can't be bothered to save up for some £70 OCZ PSU really... As long as this one does the job:
  7. WinPower are defintely the bottom of the barrel. It might be better than what you have now but I doubt the amperage will be enough. Even something like: would be better. You should have around18amps on the 12+ for your card (the one I posted only has 17a). That's more important than the wattage.
    My PSU was $150. It's one thing that can last a long time and reuse with multiple PC upgrades (unlike most other parts in your PC).
  8. Well my current PSU has 15a on the +12v rail, i'll try and find how much the WinPower one is, just because i'm on a tight budget.
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