Raid replacing the hard drive

Hard drive failure, can not get into windows. Can i just go to the other drive and boot into windows?
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  1. Since the failure of one drive brought down your system, I'm assuming you're running RAID 0. RAID 0 stripes data across all drives in the array. Because of this, if you lose one drive, you lose all your data.

    Try googling for some free raid repair software.

    If you want true redundancy, I suggest that in the future you use RAID 1 or RAID 5, anything but RAID 0. Also, regardless of which RAId you run, always make backups.
  2. This raid was created by Dell on a workstation for somebody at their home. Every time they turned on the computer it froze. For some reason when I took it home windows came up and I backed up their data.
    Why did Dell create this raid for the computers they sold in the past? What was the point if the drive dies? I have read steps to check if it is not the drive. But I am sure it is the drive. I have setup raid in the past on servers where the data would not be lost.

    Thanks for the response.
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