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Hi all,

I was looking for some advice..
Basicallyt i am looking to upgrade my P5b deluxe motehrboard but I just dont knwo where to go...
What i have is a q9450, ddr2 1066 RAM and a GTX 260 zotac.
So, i overclock but not to extremes and play games, in temrs of otehr features i am not bothered about SLI.
Any ideas, I dont mind how much i pay for the motehrboard aqs long as it is worth it and it's not taking the mickey.

The ones i have been looking at are the Asrock p45xe, MSI p45platinum, asus ASUS P5Q or p5k.. am i even on the right path?

Any advice would be more than welcome, tehre are just so many board with so many different revisions etc...

Thank you
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  1. I like the Gigabyte motherboards.The GA-EP45-UD3L is about $90. The 3P is about $135. I have one of each with a Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz. and a Q6600 OC'd to 3.3 GHz. (used to be 3.6 GHz).
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Yes the motherboards "jsc" recommended are good :) alternative options would ASUS P5Q series like ASUS P5Q/P5Q-E
  3. Hi,

    Cool thx guys i shall have a look into them!! :)
  4. the new 2 oz. copper gigabyte boards are very stable voltage wise. i have one and there is no vdrop at all when i start pushing the board. plus it just feels sturdy and indestructable. used 2 so far and really like them. had some issues with asus in the past but most of there boards are good. just had issues with vdrop. i hate guessing in the bios what voltage to set it too in hopes of getting it right once it boots.
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