I have 160 gb harddisk and when i format(installing xp)then there was seem only

plzz help we actually I have 16o GB hard disk . but when I formatted operating system it was only 37 GB there was no space seem on formation .my question is that it may possible or not ,please provide me help .if it is possible then please help me how can i utilize all capacity of my hard disk.If a
thank you
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  1. What is the make & model of the drive and what OS are you using? Also, do you mean 37 Gig or 137 Gig? If you mean 37 gig, there may be a jumper on the hard drive that needs removed or moved. If you mean 137 gig, XP won't recognize drives larger than this without SP1 installed.
  2. I'm assuming he means it's only recognizing 137GB of the drive. Hawkeye is right, Windows will not recognize drive space beyond 137 GB because of the way that the information on the drives is laid out for high capacity drives (this scheme is known as the LBA). Windows needs an update to see this properly.

    You may also want to make sure that your motherboard supports 48-bit LBA hard drives. It's possible that you didn't notice the space was missing until you reformatted ;)
  3. actually my harddisk was corrupted some time ago,so i have been change the disk,earlier that was 160 gb,now vendor change my hard disk but when i format system then there was only 37 not 137 GB is recognized.here is problem .I want also ask is there any word "non partition mode"?I am using XP.
  4. Do a clean install of windows. During the install you are given the option to create/remove partitions. Delete all partitions and create one partition of maximum size, then proceed to install to that partition. If the version of XP you have is pre-SP1, then 137 gig will be the maximum partition size you can create.

    "Non partition mode"? I don't understand what you are asking.
  5. I think ll not helpful because I have done this . if you have any other idea plzzz suggest me.
  6. You can try to do a factory "reset" of that drive. Download and install Killdisk, that is a free low-level formatting tool that will write zeroes on all the HDD. Make sure you select that HDD when running the tool. It will erase all the data on it. The disk can be mounted as an external HDD or you can hook it up internally in your system.
    If there is no OS installed on your PC yet, download and burn the bootable killdisk CD from a different computer. Insert the CD in this system, make sure the only HDD hooked up is the one hat you need to fix (to avoid confusion), boot from the CD (select the CD-ROM as first booting device in BIOS) and run the program (killdisk) like that. When you select which HDD to erase, select the whole HDD, not just one partition.
    Again, keep in mind that this will zero the whole disk/partition that it works on, all data will be erased.
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