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Multiplier only goes to 17.5

I just got a NOCTUA|NH-D14 R to go with my M4A88TD-V EVO 3.0 usb ASUS motherboard and was almost impossible to fit in my Raidmax Smilodon case, but after a couple hours, I made it work. Now that I know the temps are running very cool - 30's idle and high 40's with a load while overclocked to 3.975 Ghz I have hit a brick wall. My multiplier will not go beyond 17.5 in either AI ASUS suite or AMD overdrive. I know I am missing something, but I have looked at everything on Tom's and can not find the answer. Just how and where can you up the multiplier to say 22? I think this is the only thing holding me back from a stable overclock of well over 4 Ghz. So guys and gals, where am I messing up at? :cry:
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  1. Noctua fan, Asus M4a88td-v board, with a Raidmax Smilodon case. What CPU do you have? That's the thing that matters. You know that the multipliers are upwards locked right?
  2. Why not lower the multiplier and work on the bus speed ?
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    My guess is he's been raising the bus speed and is maxing out his ram. With no details on the OC and his thinking he should be able to go higher leads me to suspect his OCing knowledge could use some help. Hopefully he'll give us a few more details.
  4. I have a Phenom II 965 125w cpu. When I up the frequency to 222, i get a speed of 3.97Ghz with multiplier at 17.5, an yes I do not have a clue as to what everything does when overclocking. That is why I rely on you guys. You all have helped me get this bohemoth built, now I want it to fly. I was assuming that the multiplier was keeping me from reaching higher clock speeds, though not sure exactly how that translates into speed. I know myltiplier X frequency equals speed, right?
  5. Oh, and my voltage to cpu is @ 1.375v.
  6. I have been using ASUS AI suite to adjust the frequency and voltage and that is where I am getting my overclovk from. Triced BIOS and that was greek to me.
  7. My ram is 4 Gb Kingston ddr3 1066 X 2 also. On Overdrive the multipliers are all at 17.5 and will not go higher. The other multiplier is at 10 and that is as high as that goes. Evertime I make a change I run benchmark on Overdrive and go by those numbers. They range from 7700 to 9100, but not in phase with upping the frequency. I have seen banchmark numbers in the 17000 range using this cpu and can't seem to come close. That is why I am trying to figure this all out. I am only using the onboard ATI graphics GPU because I don't play games and this mobo has HDMI on it because I use my HDTV for a monitor in the living room with wireless keyboard so my machine is in the study. I also have the fans at max on the cooler and it never goes over 40c.
  8. Only the black edition CPUs allow you to change the multiplier upwards. I'm not sure if the Phenom II 965 comes in a normal version so if you have a black but can't go up, see about a bios upgrade or look for a performance section of the bios. (sometimes you have to press a different key, read your manual.) Yes, I said bios. Don't bother with windows programs. If its "greek" to you then STOP and do some reading before you kill your CPU. If you run things to far and your heat or voltage gets away from you, bye bye CPU. You can check the net or start reading here.
  9. pjmoses said:
    I have been using ASUS AI suite to adjust the frequency and voltage and that is where I am getting my overclovk from. Triced BIOS and that was greek to me.

    Well, you're going to have to learn Greek if you want to optimize your O/C: AI Suite is a major POS.
  10. Well I have found that the AI suite is the safest and most productive way to overclock and keep it stable without going over recommended voltage. Yes I am new, but I am not new to computers. I programming in Cobal before most of you could use a mouse. I do have to read alot to figure these things out and have had Tom's to thank for all the others who have asked and used there answers to help me along. This machine now has a Saphire 5770 in it and is blowing doors with a stable 4.15 Ghz without touching the ram or overclocking the GPU, yet.
    In AMD OD, what do the CMOS settings in red do if you change any of those. Don't want to get into something I have no clue about and there is little out there on that. Now I just need a SSD to have all my WEI in the 7.5 range. Not bad for under $750.
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