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Hello all,

I just built a computer with the BIOSTAR TA790GXB A2+ board and i see nothing via the monitor when i turn the computer on. Everything seems to be working; fans, harddrive, led's, etc...

I am receiving a memory error on the motherboard via the LED_D1 light. LED_D1 light is on LED_D2 light is off, in motherboard manual this is deemed a memory error. I am not receiving any beeps from the motherboard speaker.

I have tried the RAM one at a time, two at a time, and switched them.

Is there anything i could have missed when plugging power and wires in that could cause this error?

I have included links to the RAM and Motherboard i purchased. As far as i can tell they are compatible. TA790XB A2+ says DDR2 1066 Ram is compatible, the RAM i purchased is GSKILL DDR2 1066 PC2 8500. Am i correct, are they compatible?

I am trying to discover problem quickly, if it is the motherboard or RAM i need to return it to NewEgg soon.


RAM - Memory

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. I have done everything on the "New build wont boot list" . I am doing the breadboarding now.

    All i have connected is the CPU and the HSF. When i turn it on without RAM i get one long beep that doesnt stop. When i add one piece of RAM it doesnt beep at all. On my motherboard the LED_D1 light comes on and the LED_D2 light doesnt. I dont get a single beep telling me that it posted. I have two new power supplies and they both behave the same.

    What do i do now? What does this mean? Is the motherboard DOA?

  2. I am going to stop by best buy and purchase some other DDR2 RAM and test it. If the same thing happens with the new RAM i am going to assume that the motherboard is malfunctioning and will RMA the motherboard.

    Any other suggestions?
  3. So both the main 24-pin motherboard connector and 4-pin CPU power connector are firmly plugged in, right? How's the breadboarding going?
  4. Yes the 24-pin and 4-pin power connectors are connected to the motherboard.

    Breadboarding is giving me the same result. With only the CPU and HSF connected outside of the case i get 1 long beep. After i insert my RAM, 1 chip or 2, i get no beeps or sound. I have tried my 2 RAM chips singularly and together in all slots to the same result; 1 of my motherboard led's (LED_D1) lighting up with no sounds. The HSF is spinning and the heatsink itself gets warm, this leads me to believe the CPU is functioning properly.

    In the motherboard manual the only explanation for just the LED_D1 being lit up is: memory error.

    It seems unlikely that both of my RAM chips would be faulty, so I am leaning towards the motherboard being defective. Unless my motherboard requires at least 2 RAM chips. I didnt see anything in the manual that states this, there is instructions for which slots to insert RAM into for Dual Channel, but 1 RAM chip should work. Right?
  5. I purchased 2 sticks of DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM (667 Mhz) to test with also. The same LED_D1 light is lit up, with no post.

    I am RMAing the Motherboard, hopefully that is the problem.
  6. Follow up:
    I received my replacement motherboard and it worked with the extra RAM i purchased from Best Buy. It did not work with the DDR2 PC28500 dual channel memory (GSKILL) that i bought with it. I am not sure the reason for this.

    Is it possible the voltage is set to low for my RAM to work?
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