[SOLVED] Which one of these mobos would be better?

I am torn, I have this rockin' computer, but I have these two mobos. I have been told several times that the first is not tha great, but nobody has said anything about the second when I ask about it, Do not care about the price as they both fit in my budget with lots of room left over.

Asus P6T Deluxe V2

EVGA E758-A1

I have always been an Asus fan, (Asus M2N-SLI sitting in my current comp) but I am willing to try new things.

If you have any different suggestions, do not hesitate to offer them, my only requirements are that it is for an i7 920, able to hold at least 6gb of 1600 6-7-6-18 RAM, and is Crossfire ready for two HD5870's

Thank you!
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  1. Very nice choices Saint, unfortounately, none of them will work.. The only one that is able to use my 1600 ram is the evga which is sli only =( If you would like a better look at the build, here is a link to it. and thank you for the work you put into the comparison.

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