Best Noticable Gaming Performance? (HDD and keyboard+mouse)

I'm configuring a PC and and I'm stubbed on two choices, both similar pricing:

150GB Velociraptor HDD 10,000 rpm 16mb cache + 500GB 7200rpm HDD 16MB cache

1TB Raid0 HDD 7200rpm 16mb cache
Razor Lycosa keyboard and Razor Lachesis mouse.

I was wondering which do you think will be the best noticeable difference in gaming? including physically and PC speed.

p.s. just so you know, I have never used a high-quality gaming keyboard or mouse, ever.

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  1. The Velociraptor isn't going to do much for gaming performance on a 4GB system. It's just going to improve load times slightly.

    Far better to have that 1TB of storage and the mouse.
  2. what games do you play? Also what lvl do you play (casual or hardcore) for FPS a good mouse can be a god send, especially one with adjustable DPI. A keyboard is really more useful for MMORPG and RTS games where a person is likey to need a lot of macros. Personaly I like devices like the logitech g13 and belkin nostromo as opposed to gaming keyboards.

    Many modern 1TB drives are very fast. I would go with the 2nd option. but mybe get it with a standard keyboard and mouse. gaming devices should be heavily researched before you invest in them.
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