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Hello everyone,

I recently ordered a Kingston SSD from Newegg, but my brother was actually able to give me a brand new OCZ Agility SSD. Unfortunately, I can not cancel or return the Kingston drive, but I have a friend that is going to buy it from me.

Here are my system specs: Phenom II x4 955 (no OC), 8gb CAS 9 RAM, on a Gigabyte 790xtUD4.

I have gotten it installed on SATA 0 with no problems and gotten win 7 64 home edition on it with no problem, and the response time (loading my browser, bringing up programs etc) has been amazing, and I am very happy with it in regards to these tasks. Shutdown time and time to 'sleep' have also been very good, but where the drive is lacking is in time loading win 7. I haven't used an app to time it's load time as compared to my HDD, but according to my watch it is taking 6 seconds longer to load the OS than my HDD was.

I have turned on AHCI mode in BIOS and also I have tried loading the OS without any USB devices connected (as per another thread on this forum). One thing that I have NOT done (and it is a biggy i know) is update the firmware, and this is because (as embarrassing as this is) my flash drive has gone MIA.

But, like I said, most tasks are performing at my expectations, but the quick load time was one of the main reasons I wanted an SSD (though luckily I didn't have to pay for it, so I can't complain too much). Is it likely that an update of the firmware will help increase the OS load time, and if not, do you have any other suggestions?


Will Malcom
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    Have you checked what programs are loading during start up?

    Run "msconfig" to check. Disable any added prorgams loading during start up (i.e. Abobe, QuickTime).

    Otherwise, it could be a driver conflict slowing down the boot.
  2. Thanks! I figured it out, I updated my logitech set-point and also my USB 3.0 drivers! :D thanks for the response though! :)
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