Need help with first time overclock

hey guys im on a hp motherboard, well its made by asus , 775 socket, quadcore q6600 @ stock with stock cooler

4 gigs of a-data vitesta 1066mhz+ ddr2 @ ddr2 800mhz (auto memory settings not custom)

320 gig hd,

i am about to receive a asus p5k premium black pearl edition, and im wondering what settings with that motherboard, , such

as ram timing for that 4 gig kit from a-data , would u recommand

and what other bios settings such as concerning the cpu clock and fsb, need to know and what powersupply and cpu cooler would u recommand before i start overclocking it\

im missing a 700 watt powersupply because im planning on getting a new graphic card, running a 7300 le, and need help

on choosing a budget cpu cooler that can leave me at least 600 megahertz of ocing on each core thnxs

without getting too hot thanks
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    We can't give you the exact settings, since even with same components the results aren't the same. When you have the components in your hands, let me know to help you.
  2. ok thank you :) already got my gx 750 cooler master powersupply now im waiting for my p5k black pearl edition mobo, and gonna get a hyper 212+ cooler
  3. I got my Q6600 to 3.0GHz on the stock cooler. It's stable (LinX and other tests), but I wouldn't put it through Prime95 because the stock cooler can't handle that kind of heat.
  4. got the mugen 2 with m e now, friends suppose to help me overclock this weeek, help was nice :)
  5. Haha, I had a 7300 LE 64MB, that thing is soooooo F***ing crappy, it makes me wanna crap on my PC, it fried when I tweaked it by 50MHz, I hate it soooooooooooooo much damn, man, I upgraded to a GT 240 from it.
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