60gb SSD w/ 120gb SSD?

Is it possible to have a 60gb ssd (agility II) in raid 1 with the 120gb (agility II)? I have already purchased the 60gb agility II, but I really want to link another SSD drive to increase my perform ance. So basically my question is would it be pointless to invest in the additional 120gb? Would the +60gb be accessible in raid? Do they cancel each other out? I can already tell that the space in my 60 is fading away...
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    If you RAID 2 differrent sized drives, the size will only be double the size of the smaller drive (2x60GB = 1 120GB RAID 0 drive...60+120 = 120GB). You'll lose all the extra.

    You want RAID 0 for performance, RAID 1 for "backups". Here is information overkill.

    So YES, it would be pointless.
  2. Don't confuse raid with all this.

    Your 60GB drive is quickly being used up. So now you need to buy a spinner or another ssd. I say buy a spinner now (a seagate 500gb or something to tie you over) and buy a 'storage' ssd in the spring. It depends on your needs, budget, etc.
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