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Ok the situation is my Mom computer died so she bought a new one. Easy enough she was replacing a aging unit. She gave the dead one but she wants the pictures off that she didn't back up to disk before it died.

In the past I have combined two computers that were the same model to extract the files off the hard drive from the dead pc. Both had a OEM XP install and I was able to get into the slave drive and do my business with out any problems.

So the HDD I need to extract has a OEM of XP but it is for a AMD mobo and the pc I want to hook it to is intel with xp. My only concern is that the the HDD locked to the AMD will not be accessible. Maybe my concerns aren't warranted. Just looking for some guidance or some links.

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    just slave the hdd from the old computer into the new one once you have the new computer set up. there are no ties between a hdd and the amd/intel chipset. you could even access files from a different windows version (ie. winxp to win7).

    The only things you could not transfer over are programs that were installed on the original machine. the files would copy fine but most programs have extra data installed to the registry and other folders required to run. Photos (any "data" really) will copy just fine.
  2. Perfect. Thank you. Yeah all I want to get off are some data files and pics. The programs aren't a concern. The hdd in question is a IDE and will fit into my son's older pc. He get's the hdd after I take the files off I need. So using his pc to extract will also make it easier as I think the newer ones we have are sata connections.
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