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Hi, Is there anyway to format a ssd after its been installed so its like new again?
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  1. Use "quick format" during the OS install.
  2. There are a few utilities to "reset" an ssd to its new state. For the most part, they simply write to the entire disk, then delete the file(s) and send the TRIM command. This tells the disk controller to mark all the sectors of the disk as available. Or use the Secure Erase feature built into HDDs since (reference needed here, I don't know the actual year).

    Take a look here:

    Or here: , for the same utility. Credit for this one to sminlal, who follows me around on the forums correcting me ;)

    Tom's mentions this as the first step in testing, but doesn't seem to say how the disks are "sanitized."

    Some very experienced members commented here:

    With all due respect to foscooter and the dogs, quick format doesn't tell the drive to mark all the space as unused.
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