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Hi all.

I use a wireless connection to game on my pc. And because of the wireless zero configuration, i get lag spikes every 60 seconds.
But the problem is, when i try to disable it, i loss my connection to the internet.

Please help :)
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  1. Well, WZC is how you manage wireless connections unless your wireless adapter comes with its' own utilities (which usually add a memory overhead of their own).
  2. I know. But the sofware that goes with my adaptor doesnt work as a wifi mangement program. So i was thinking of a 3rd party wifi mangement program. But i dont now where to get it?
  3. Google something called LucidLink -- haven't tried it but heard it works.

    I'd be interested to hear because I have stroppy Belkin PCMCIA wireless adapter which I've been meaning to check out with that.
  4. I tried the program, but only Windows xp is supported. Do you know another program?
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