Overclocking Memory for the first time

Mobo capable of 1600(OC only, manually):
CPU: 955BE

My system auto-defaults (as expected!) to 1333 with timings 9-9-9-24 and I want it to run at 1600 with the same timings (it's rated at that and I have a processor that can handle the OC'd memory I believe). I need help in overclocking because it's my first time and I would like to make sure I know that I covered everything. Thanks for your time in advance!

I just went in changed it to 1600 and nothing else touched, and the timings jumped to 11-11-11-29

After looking up resources on how to overclock it seems a little bit more complicated than I would hope... I have a Vertex SSD which OCZ forums states not to overclock components.

Basically it seems like the things to change are
1)the speed itself (going from auto-1333 vs manually set-1600)
2)timings (I can do that myself)
3)FSB:DRAM ratio in CPU-Z. HRMM? I don't know anything about this. Do I tinker with this with a setting that exists somewhere in the bios?
4&more)? Is there more things to know?
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    OCing RAM is questionable at best. In your case, the difference between 1333 and 1600 in terms of performance is minimal. When you start OCing memory, and using your memory at 1600 is indeed OCing it, all sorts of odds things can happen.

    If you are going to OC RAM, do so in baby steps. Make very small changes at a time and make sure your overall system is 100% stable after each change. Also, don't try to push your RAM faster than the rating of what you have (1600 in your case).

    If I were you, I would run my RAM at 1333 and look at increasing my system performance by OCing the CPU and GPU.

    Have fun!
  2. Done. It was really simple. Haha, thanks for your time in replying. :)
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