School Computer says USB flash drive is full.

Theres an important ISO file my teacher told me to get. But when i tried using my USB flash drive, andcopied the ISO onto the drive, it said that the flash drive was full, when indeed it had 8 GBs of memory available. For some reason, it can let me transfer all other files. Its just this ISO that will not transfer. He has not been here this week so I cannot ask him for help. Is it even possible to transfer ISO files this way without needing to burn it onto the flash drive? Thank you in advance,
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    It is because your flash drive is formatted in the FAT32 file system. When formatted this way, it can't handle files larger than 4GB. My best recommendation would be to save all of your files, reformat the USB drive to NTFS (MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP EVERYTHING, it will erase the drive). This should then allow you to copy over the .iso.
  2. I will try this tomorrow, and if I am successful you will get the best answer.
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