Superclocked Problem

I play a lot of different games and currently have a core i7 920 @ 3.5ghz and I bought a GTX 570 superclocked. I have 6GB of Kingston DDR3 @ 1333mhz.

All of my games work great except for... WoW. I get the 132 error that my memory can't be read. Of course, I play games that are a lot more intense graphically and memory wise than WoW. All of my hardware is up to date and I've run overnight tests on my memory with no errors.

I've been told by Blizzard Support that WoW won't run on an overlocked system and definitely not one with a superclocked card. Have you ever heard this before? I'm kind of shocked that would be the problem. Anyway I had to cancel everything for it since I am unwilling now to run at reference settings, but I just wanted to know from some computer savvy people if this would really give me the 132 memory can't be read error.

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