To RAID or not to RAID... That is the question?


I'm ready to up grade my storage from a pair of Raptors in RAID0 to SSD's. Is there an advantage to putting SSD's in RAID0?

Like a pair of 64's over a single 128?

I've read that the bigger the faster... is this generally true?

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  1. It is true that the bigger ssds are, the faster they perform, 2 64s in Raid0 will outperform the single 128gb by quite a bit in the benchmarks, but you won`t notice any real-world difference, because Access time is what really matters when it comes to the overall system snappiness.
  2. Thanks for the reply... So to sum it up, go with the single SSD as big as you can afford, and for go the troubles that come with any RAID array...

  3. Absolutely
  4. ^+1
  5. bigger SSD's perform better so your better off spending the same money on a single larger SSD without raid...

    you can buy a second one and upgrade later if you really wanted
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