CM Hyper 212+ vs Thermalright Ultra 120 Ext

Hey guys,

I'm using an AMD Phenom II X3 720 processor with stock heatsink in a generic Coolermaster casing.

Currently I run at about 2000+rpm@45 deg C on idle, when I have my games,apps and other stuff on it goes to easily 6000+rpm@55 deg C on load, which is hella noisy and sounds like it's going to blow up :D

3rd party heatsinks are limited in my country/area, the ones available are mostly coolermaster, zalman cnps10x extreme & thermalright ultra 120.

I've been looking mainly at the Coolermaster Hyper 212+($33) and Thermalright Ultra 120 Ext($66).

1. Obviously the Thermalright will perform better, but is it worth paying double the money for it? Or is the performance(temp & noise) difference not huge enough to warrant forking out that much cash?
2. I've heard of some complaints that Coolermaster heatsinks are slightly better than stock heatsinks, is that true for the hyper 212+? Is it a worthy upgrade over the stock heatsink, or am I better off looking for another heatsink?(In the case where my local dealer runs out of stock for the Thermalright).

What I really want is a heatsink that's value for money. I do use quite alot of resources with multiple games/apps on, but I don't OC so I don't need the temperature to be super low, so long as it's low enough that my chip isn't damaged in the long run, the main thing I want is a relatively silent heatsink so I can do my gaming in peace.

I had a similar problem with my old Pentium 4(775) stock heatsink which I replaced with a Zalman 9700 LED which cost about $80-90 and I was absolutely satisfied considering it kept my processor really cool at a really,really low noise level. I'm willing to fork out that kind of money if I can get a heatsink that's comparable to that :wahoo:
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  1. get the 212+ it's a great cooler
  2. I have a 212+ and i absolutely love it, please read my sig...
  3. switch to 212+... it should be more than enough to cool your X3...
  4. The 212 is great cooler for the money. If ya have the budget and want all out max OC's, I'd look at the Megahalems. However, the best budget buy today is the Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG 2100 which even manages to outperform the Mega with some CPU's.

    You'll see the 212 gets a passing mention at the very bottom of the page on the aove ling
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    I have a Hyper 212+ on my unlocked X3 740BE. I've forgotten the temps, because months ago when I set it up I saw they were very low. The cooler mounts very securely, and I could set it to the direction I wanted. Even during games, I'm not noticing any noise from it. I plan to buy another one for my next rig.
  6. This is all basic science. You get more cooling with more heatpipes. The Coolermaster has 4 and the Thermalright has 6. The Thermalright will cool better at higher temps.

    So if you are going for a massive OC and trying to squeeze out every last clock, the Thermalright would be a better choice.

    If you are looking for a reasonable OC and cost is an issue, then the Coolermaster would be better.

    Good luck
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