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I just purchased a crucial 256gb realssd C300 for my 2month old Lenovo x201(Win 7P 64bit, i7 640m, 8gb RAM). What is the best way to install the new SSD. I have read that a simple cloning may not be the best approach for optimal performance. Should I do a clean install by using the boot disk I made when I first got the x201 along with the recovery media disks, then reinstall all programs?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. YES. Clean install OS, reinstall all programs.
  2. malmental, you sound like a parrot.
    Nice information however, I think you may have posted this in the wrong thread as it has nothing to do with the OPs question.

    I agree with foscooter, do a clean install of everything. This will ensure correct alignment of the SSD and a clean registry
  3. Yes clean install,Thats how I did a few days ago,everything is rosy!
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  5. Best answer foscooter.
    He actually answered the question and didn't plagiarize.

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