Graphic Card under 9 inches?

I have an 8600gt ddr3 256mb factory oc card.

I'd like to replace it with a stronger card, however my medium footprint case can't handle a card over 8 inches, it won't fit. Would any have any recommendations?

Also, I only have a dell factory stock 305p/s (which is upgradeable but I've heard dell 305's can handle cards requiring upto 350power). I'm further concerned that my outdated 3800+ cpu may bottleneck any stronger card.

Appreciate any thoughts.
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  1. That PSU is very weak, you will need a new one. Your CPU will definitely be a bottleneck, so you will probably want a new one also.

    Have you considered just building a whole new computer? Since you need all these new parts anyway, I'd say thats a good idea. You could even use some parts from your dell to help you save some cash (Hard drive and any CD/DVD drives would probably work ok)
  2. the 4670 is about the same size as the 8600GT and is far better GPU, it also requires little power

    I ran a 9800GT with that Dell 305w PSU, as do many people
  3. 512mb HIS IceQ Radeon HD 4670 Turbo:

    Edit: I just noticed you said your cpu is a 3800+ so I assume it is single core? In that case you would be better off buying a new pc.
  4. good luck... Seems to me they are getting longer and fatter... I wish they could progress in smaller and more efficient... I guess it will only be a dream...
  5. Apologize, it's a 3800+ X2 Dual core. I suppose there isn't a bottleneck issue?

    Thanks a ton for the responses!

    I'm looking into the 4670 atm.
  6. There should be any major bottlenecking because of the cpu as far as I know.
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