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When I turn my Pc power button on all my fan around the case will start and my GPU radeon hd 6970 exept my cpu cooler thermaltake frio, its delay for 3 seconds on my asus crosshair 4 formula and the processor they are both in the same page.
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  1. technically it should start along with the other fans... one way to check whether its the fans fault is to power it directly from the psu molex... if it still starts the same way then its a cooler problem... if not then could be some setting in the bios...
  2. I have seen this happen when the BIOS wants to set a fan speed that is below that which the fan needs to "get off the dime" so to speak.
  3. I don't know what should I see in the bios but I'll try to put it in manual insted of auto just to check it out
  4. well everything is normal in bios, maybe I over tighten the cpu cooler to the processor. I hope someone with the same build like mine will enlighten me.
  5. when you first start the cpu temperature is not more than 15 degrees, within 5 seconds after all the system will work raises the temperature rise of about 19c ~21C (i think ) and fan automatic right to work.
    your fan do not need to spin if the temperature is very cold, and you can check in bios that your settings on auto, and it seemed normal for a computer all, some time we can found it int the software Fan roll in 0 speed.
  6. agreed, not an issue. The mobo is just waiting for the processor to get hot enough to need the fan. Don;t worry about it.
  7. I din't sleep last night just thinking if im one of the lucky people that got a bad batch
    so thank you for taking out the needle in my brain. I consider this thread is SOLVED!
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