DDR3 1333mhz CAS 7 vs 1600 mhz CAS 8

I can get them both at the exact same price so please don't say whichever is cheaper. The 1333mhz are patriots and the 1600mhz are ocz's. Would there be any difference at all between the two?


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  1. Go with the OCZ one, in my experience 1600 cas 8 beats 1333 cas 7 in the builds i have done.
  2. fair enough. Heat production differences are minimal enough to even be considered correct?
  3. Yeah, i'll probably go with the OCZ's too. kinds of prefer lower Cas ratings to clock speeds though. That said maybe a little off topic (apologies TS) , which of these is faster ?

    7-7-7-20 2T pr 7-7-7-24 1T ? say both are of the same rams but able to run on either CAS configs.
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