Seagate SATA HDD not spinning or Not detected by PC

640GB SATA HDD not show in System.
I tried to use following methods
1. Use USB PCBA to connect the HDD to System, LED is flashing very fast.

2. Use the SATA HDD docking system, still HDD not spinning or detecting by PC.

Anyone can help me?
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  1. If it isn't spinning, then it's most likely a PCB fault.

    Upload a detailed photo of the component side of the board.
  2. i tried with another PCB with Same HDD, It not showing the Disk.
    Same time i connected the PCBA which was in the failed HDD with another HDD, then its showing the disk,
    this shows its not the Problem of PCBA it can be HDD problem......

    Sometime this HDD will show in My Computer, but if u try to write or copy, it will get disconnected automatically,..............why its like this any solution?
  3. Each PCB contains unique, drive specific calibration data. Swapping PCBs is rarely successful in modern drives. You need to transplant a serial EEPROM chip from patient to donor.
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