Q9400 or E8400

Hi I'm just ordering a new pc and i can't decide which CPU would be best.

I understand the quad would be more future proof for games as they will start to utilize all four quads but then I'm a little skeptical whether I should go for the dual core because it might run games a little better right now. I'm not very experienced at upgrading computers so I'm not to sure about upgrading in the future but it could be a possibility.

I have no intentions to overclock and I will use my pc primarily for gaming and not anything like video encoding, also they are both similarly priced.

Other specs:
4gb RAM
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  1. Q9400... you should oc that badboy, it runs 3.2ghz on stock settings. P5QL should have no problem handling Q9400 to 3.4ghz. but its pretty fast at stock 2.66ghz too.
  2. If you're just gonna leave it at stock then get the E8400 for now. You can upgrade to a Q 9550 latter on and overclock it a little for a good performance boost.
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