Asus Rampage Extreme I RAM Problem and Replacement

First off, I have been using OCZ ddr3 2000 2x2gb sticks for some time, running just great.. but yesterday for some reason they just stopped working for no apparent reason. Did the whole switch slots and set ups, and the memtest86 and my computer no longer seems to even want to boot up, let alone pass the BIOS screen sometimes with either, or a combination of those memory sticks.. any idea? or are they pretty much fried somehow?
if they are fried, is there a possibility it is the mobo shorting them somehow?(if yes, how to check? no apparent shorts, condensation, etc. on boards)

Also, since they appear to be dead, i'm looking to find a good replacement.. i'd like to find 4x2gb preferably 1600, but 1333 is fine as well, and buy half (2x2gb) now.. but all of the listings on Asus's QVL are non-existant anymore, is the QVL really all that important?
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  1. Your RAM might still be under warranty. I thought OCZ had a lifetime warranty.
  2. Hey are under a lifetime warranty, and I memtest86'ed them on a friends comp and they appear to work perfectly fine with his set up (MSI P45 Diamond, intel quad core).. So now I seem be stuck with a possible motherboard problem?
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