Dead P5k Deluxe Wifi/AP?

Today I connected my new Nexus fans to my Asus P5k Deluxe Wifi/AP motherboard and ever since doing so, my motherboard will not power on. The power fan connectors on the board are 3 pin and the fans are four but in reading it seems this fourth wire is just for power control. The green light comes on on the board but nothing happens when I press the power button. I cleared the CMOS disconnected all the power to everything for an hour then connected on the motherboard and CPU power back and still nothing. Guessing this is fried? Also tested PSU which is okay. Any suggestions? thanks.
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  1. You connected pin 1 to pin 1 as shown in the diagram at The motherboard probably still is under warranty, but it takes a couple weeks to get it fixed
  2. It's keyed so it only connects one way. Warranty? I will look but I def need it sooner than that. Any other testing suggestions would be welcome.
  3. It worked before you connected the fans, but it no longer works and you already verified that the PSU is fine. Is it possible that the power switch is no longer connected?
  4. Nah i've checked that. Also connected another power switch to the board as well. No luck.
  5. how about disconnecting the new fans?
  6. Yeah I disconnected everything at one point except the CPU and the main mobo power, still nothing. Tried all different combinations of things plugged in. Green light on a dead mobo it seems. Probably under warranty but I have to pick up something before I would get it back from Asus.
  7. Guys, what was the outcome of this problem?
    I'm having the same problem. In my case my fan burned out along with failed power supply, also seeing a green LED on but nothing else. :pfff:
    Could anyone confirm in your case the Mobo was just replaced by Asus, I assume? :heink: Please confirm.
    Thanks :hello:
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