PLZ HELP which graphic card fits my comp I CANT FIND ONE ANYWERE

Would someone plz tell me what graphic card would fit into my computer with atleast shader pixels 2.0 or higher?! i have boughten 3 different graphic cards and none of them either fit or just dont work!!! I have a E series computer with intel inside. windows xp. 19" moniter. my lcd adapter is blue with pokey things coming out lol i dont know what its called hope that helps. PLZPLZPZLZPLZPLZPLZ HELP ME! I have called geeksqaud numerous customer service and everything. plz tell me one that 100$ or less thank you!

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  1. That is an AGP slot and is no longer officially supported. Some cards are available for it but at this point in time you should get a new pc.
  2. What computer do you have and is it a OEM like a Dell, HP, Acer? You could probably get a HD 3450 AGP but it isn't a gaming card.
  3. You could probably still find a Ati X1600 Pro agp card pretty cheap. But edeawillrule is right, it's time for a new PC.
  4. NEW PC!!!

    My eyes burn from outdated technology...
  5. More info is required like make and model. Power supply info would be good too.
  6. Probably an AGP slot; I'd go with the AGP version of the 3850, although I'd figure the PC is so outdated, it probably would be better to junk it.
  7. As long as he has a nice processor to keep up with the 3850.
  8. 3850 with 3+8+5=16 power index is 2 powerfull for your pc.
    Consider changning the platforma first.
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