Replacing the OS hdd

I recently got a new spinpoint f3 1tb hdd and I want it to be my new OS hdd now to replace my current one.

Would I have to disconnect my current OS hdd, connect the new one, install my OS on it (Win7), and then it should be okay for me to reconnect my old hdd to move files over? Where would I set it so that the new hdd is the boot one?
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    I would use a program such as Acronis to clone the contents of the original drive to the new drive. Then I would plug the new drive into the same SATA port on the motherboard that the old drive used. That way, it is bootable without needing to change BIOS settings.
  2. ^+1. I have done that exact same thing using Acronis. You can even boot off the Acronis CD; you don't have to install the program to clone your boot drive.
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  4. so in order to do that, I would need to boot from the acronis cd and restore the backup on my new HDD?
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