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i have just bought an phenom quad core pc with 4 gig of ram and my friend has let me have his old ati radeon x1950xt psu card,i would like to know if my system is going to be able to handle game's like crysis and cryostsis at a decent rate,any suggestion's would be appreciated,thank you
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  1. get at least ati 4850 vga
  2. I think you will have problems playing Crysis. Like Jimishtar said, you should buy at least a 4850. You didn't tell us what resolution you will use.
  3. firgive my noobness but i am unsure what resolution i will be playing,i have a small 19 inch monitor and that's as much as i know,i saw a video on you tube of someone playing crysis with the same psu card and duo core pc so i thought i would be able to play too,i am buying the 4850 soon but it might take mea little while to buy it so until then i will use the x1950xt,thank's for your advice
  4. Probably it's 1280x1024 if is not a wide screen. PSU = power supply unit. You are talking about Video card.
  5. Another +1 for a new GPU. The 1950 will suffice temporarily, but will limit you greatly to play those games.
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