Only 1gb of memory is seen when there is really two

I just bought a p5gd2-vm/s from
and this memory for it
I put the memory in every configuration in the four slots, every time the motherboard only sees 1gb of ram even though there is 2gb actually there

I cant find anything to suggest that a p5gd2-vm/s even exists. No drivers, manuals, support pages nothing! Is this mobo exclusive to
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  1. ok im sure only one slot works, should I rma the board or flash the BIOS
  2. if you try 1 stick by itself what happens does it work for both sticks .. one at a time?
  3. both sticks work in the one slot, but only that slot, if i try another slot i get a beeping code, which i found to be a ram error, so if its not in that slot it doesnt see it
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