Is this right for my hardware

hello, first time posting on toms so not sure if I got in the right category but anyways

I just got my first rig built and wanted to test it out and see how it did with a quasi new game so I went and got far cry 2, and I'm getting about 44-51 fps, and it dips down to 31 -39ish on occasion.

My game settings are: resolution 1920x1080, very high settings and 2x aa.
when I increase aa to 4x or higher my fps takes a major dip, not sure if it because of my 512mb card or some other reason.

side note: ran 3dmark06 and got 15,606ish not sure if thats in league with the level of hardware i got.

my rig : phenom ii 720 @ 3.6 , 4870 512mb@ stock clocks 9.4 ccc, 4gig ram, win vista home premium 64bit

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Yeah, its on par.
  2. You are about right, as RAGS_20 says.
    The 512Mb memory of your card is the holdup, AA takes a lot of memory and this situation is made far worse by your high resoloution.
    Either: Reduce or disable AA or swap the card for a 1 Gb version.
  3. ^ Couldn't agree more. My guess is that Ubisoft got desperate and gave IGN, Gamespot, etc. etc. a little something under the table for the ~9 ratings.
  4. thanks for the feedback guys, and i agree i tried to play through FC2, just found it not fun so pretty much just got a little past the tutorial period, guess just not my cup of tea.

    so been playing a lot of HL2 lately...only other game i have atm.
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