Bad memory stick?

Just put together a new build. Using window vista 64. Windows only sees 4gb of 6gb intalled. Bios only sees 4gb (it misses the same stick which ever slot I put it in) but CPUz sees 6gb. Any ideas? This an RMA to Newegg?
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  1. But does it miss different sticks when you put another one in slot 3?

    Is this a dual-channel or triple-channel motherboard? Give exact make and model of both motherboard and RAM. Links to items bought at NewEgg work well too for help.

    Again, try swapping the "bad" stick to the location the other sticks are. Make sure the slots you are using are correct. Basic to this is the config of MB, does it have 4 slots or 6?
  2. Sorry for the lack of detail :) It was late.

    I'm using the ASrock x58 extreme MB. It has 6 slots and it's triple channel memory. I've moved the sticks around and that doesn't fix the problem. In the BIOS it lists the slots as A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 and it always fails to see the same stick. However, CPUz says there is 6g there. The MB directions say to use the "white" slots first (there are blue and white) so that's what I've done also. The ram is OCZ Gold.
  3. We'll assume the modules are OCZ3G1600LV6GK - is that right? The exact model of the RAM is important because you need to set the voltage properly. Check the label on each module, don't trust the box or the invoice.

    OK, how do you know it's always missing the same stick? Sounds like it's always seeing 4GBs, regardless of how you arrange the 3 sticks in the white slots, correct?

    I would certainly try the 3 sticks in the blue slots to see if it all works there. If this works, then you know one of the white slots is bad.

    Next, you need to insert the modules, one at a time, only into white slot A1. This will determine if any of the modules is actually bad. If the MB fails to boot with any ONE of the modules in place, we'll assume that module is in fact defective. If each module will boot the computer, by itself, then we can go back to testing all 3 below.

    If they all work as single modules, then it's time to set the DRAM voltage. Go into the BIOS and press the F9 key from the main menu. This will clear all previous settings and set the BIOS to the Optimal Defaults. After this, Save and reboot and note if all 6GBs is showing in the Post. Re-Enter the BIOS. Choose OC Tweaker. It appears that the DRAM Voltage control is on the main page but you need to scroll down below the DRAM Timing option to see it. Set the DRAM Voltage to 1.65V. Save and reboot.

    Does the POST now show 6GBs of RAM? This is what's shown when the RAM counts up or tests itself, not in Windows. And what speed does it show the RAM to be?
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