RAID 1 failure - array not marked as bootable - options?


I have a PowerEdge 1420 with an Adaptec 1420SA card.

The array has failed and upon inspection in the Adaptec interface I can see that the array is not marked as bootable.

Does marking the array as bootable affect the data? Is there a better way to attempt recovery? The disks seem physically fine as they show up in the array manager but I don't know which one is the good one as it looks like the array failed a day or two ago but the server itself failed last night.

It would seem if I can mark it as bootable I should remove 1 drive and try it and then repeat with the other drive? I don't want the array to attemt to rebuild and use the wrong disk as the source!

Many Thanks.
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  1. I can access data using system rescue cd. It's just a matter of whether I can mark the drive as bootable or not and if I will lost any data.
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