Wondering about Intel Quad heat

I recently built a new computer for the first time in quite a while (probably about 8+ years), and installing Core Temp I wondered whether my computer was 'normal' as far as core temps go.

My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8800, fan is stock

Core Temp reports the cores are idling at 44, 44, 42, 42 degrees Celsius respectively, during load they seem to be somewhere just above 50 degrees Celsius (I don't have an exact figure, been meaning to start logging while playing a game or somesuch and keep putting it off...) Does this seem about right? I've heard that multicores run hotter than single core CPUs in general.

If anyone has recommendations for after-market fans or other cooling solutions I'd be interested in hearing them... My case is the Antec Three Hundred, and I was thinking about purchasing optional case fans as well...
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  1. I have the same case and im using the Q6600 and the temps are the same, except when im running prime95 to test it.

    I had the CPU up to 80C before shut it down and it was still creeping up. Now that is running all 4 cores and when I did just 3 cores, it would get up to 73-75C.

    If you got a good quality CPU fan, it will keep the temps cool. If your interested in some good overclocking, then you can drop some cash for water cooling.
  2. those sound like reawsonable temps
  3. Sounds fine to me.
  4. Ok, it looks like the highest temps I've gotten for each core while running a game are:

    58°, 57°, 53°, 56°

    Out of curiosity, when should I start getting worried? Somewhere in the mid-60s?
  5. I don't know about that particular cpu but it's probably 71C or thereabouts. You don't need to get worried about it even at 71C, it will shut itself off long before it can damage itself.
  6. savagegreywolf said:
    Out of curiosity, when should I start getting worried? Somewhere in the mid-60s?
    Can't give you specifics for your CPU, but as a point of reference the Core i7 920 will run in "turbo boost" mode (ie, at 2.8GHz instead of 2.667GHz) until the temperature on the heat spreader reaches 69 degrees - then it drops back to the "normal" clock frequency. So I'd guess that mid 60's is certainly nothing to worry about, as long as it's a stable temperature.
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    According to:
    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

    wolf, your temps are great, especially with the stock cooler. However, if you are going to overclock, you will need better cooling.

    elrodvoss, your temps are too high. My Q6600 (OC'd to 3.6 GHz, TRUE HSF, Antec 900 case, Vcore = 1.425 volts) runs 61 C to 66 C under Prime95 load.

    I pretty much follow Intel's recommendations for voltage and temperature limits. I have the temperature alarms on my motherboards set for 70 C.
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