USB Mouse Non-Functioning, lights up


I have a Windows XP SP3 machine that recognizes the same USB mouse that I Have used for a year, but can no longer move the cursor.
- I have tested the mouse on a different computer and it functions properly
- I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the USB Root and mouse drivers from Windows Device Manager without success
- I have tried the mouse in a variety of USB ports, and windows recognizes it but I cannot move the cursor.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?
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  1. Have you tried sticking you nose to usb-related stuff in the bios?

    Do you have a laptop? If so , take out the battery and open Windows and try to use your mouse without battery in...then put it in again... it might be something related to discharge...

    Also, some PCs like some Toshiba models have a function key that disables mouses... :hello:
  2. Try a different mouse. If it doesnt work check the FN command that disables mice as Me1 suggested. If it does work get a new mouse. The lights can work after the controller has gone
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