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I just fired up my new system. Everything seems fine. My CPU temp is running about 25-26 degrees celsius.

I just installed the chipset drivers. Is there any particular order after that or not? All I have left is the sound card drivers, video cared drivers and the DVD-RW drivers.
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  1. I would first install the video card drivers, then the sound card drivers, and the DVD-RW drivers. This is based on personal preference btw, not on any conventional wisdom.

    Which apps/utilities do you install first, once you're done with driver installs, if I may ask?
  2. That's funny, I did the exact squence you described and I just read your email now lol. I loaded my 4890's drivers, the monitor's driver, sound, and then the DVD-RW drivers. I did some testing while I let it sit idling to get the thermal paste to set in. I loaded CPU-Z and the one (flying passed my mind) that looks at the temps of my system. Everything seemed fine except for the RAM timings, I have to change. It set it at 1.5v.

    I havent loaded any games yet. Im still in "awe" mode lol.
  3. Haha, hope you enjoy! This is the same machine that had that pesky devices not found message appearing, right? Speaking of first installs, I'd start with AVG free of course, then work my way to firefox to the important Office stuff. Ironically, I usually install games last, but I spend the most time playing with them! :P
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