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We are considering upgrading a graphic intensive church application called Media Shout that requires more machine than we have at the moment. Minimum requirement for the new App is dual core 1.8 MHz with 2 GB RAM and ATI HD 300 graphics card or better. Our current machine is an upgradable P4 3.0 MHz with 1 GB RAM and ATI 700 series graphics card running XP Pro. We can easily upgrade the RAM and the Graphics Card but not the processor. Question is this; assuming I upgrade the RAM and GC do you think a 3.0 MHz processor is close enough to the speed of a 2 x 1.8 GHz (=3.6) to run this application well? How about over clocking?
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  1. P4 are know to overclock to 4GHz quite with no real difficulty. Its should get close to the dual core.
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