AMD Phenom II X6 1100t Black Edition

So yes, I am new to this, however i would like to take my stock AMD Phenom II 1100t Black Edition, and overclock it. I dont even know where to begin, besides readin other forum post, including the black edition guide. If anyone has any experience ocing the 1100t, please any assistance would be great, and any problems you ran inot would be helpful... Thank you.
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  1. If you have read the black edition guide it tells you what to do. Try asking more specific questions.
  2. And your components are?
  3. Sorry, I had a moment guys. I have a gigabyte ga-890fxa-ud5, thermaltake spinqvt cooler for the chip, an antec df85 case. Running 4 2tb in raid 5, 160gb crucial ssd, 8gb 2x4 of gskill 1600, and an antec 850cp 850w power supply. And I appologize, but the question i should have asked was do i need to turn off the "turbo boost" and can i oc it to 4.0 with out drasticly reducing the lifespan. Any advice is still welcome. Thank you
  4. Good rig dude.

    You have two options, the 4GHz all time, or change the Turbo Core configuration for use the 4GHz only on load.

    If you want the 4GHz all time, you need disable Turbo core, C1E and Cool'n'quite.

    Regarding the lifespan, if your CPU is on the safe limits, you won't have any problem.
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