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I've read a lot of threads on having a pagefile on the SSD. Strong arguments for, strong arguments against. Most of what I've seen is old, and recent developments in TRIM and garbage collection may have changed the balance.

So: Running Win7 with 8 GB memory, a 128 GB Crucial C300 SSD, and a spare Velociraptor, should I have no page file, put a small one on the SSD, or put it on the Raptor? One consideration: I would like to be able to have all my drives except the SSD spin down, but that is a lesser consideration than not degrading the performance of / wearing out the SSD

Thanks for the help, with a tip of the hat to Retired Chief if (s)he shows up.
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    Someone (I think THG) just did an article about SSD, within it addressing this issue.

    Basically, they leave pagefile on for anything less than 12GB of RAM.

    So, leave in on the SSD. Wouldn't you want the fastest access to the file (if ever used)? Yes, it "could" degrade the performance over time, but you have 8GB of RAM, so it'll never get used...So use it, and don't fret over long term degradation.
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  3. The "harm" that a page file causes to an SSD is way overblown. Unless you are making constant heavy use of the page file it will have negligible impact on the life of the drive. If you are hammering it with constant swapping I think you should have considered investing in more RAM rather than an SSD. Swapping is slow, swapping on a HDD is even slower.
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